Sing what can not be said.

 We are a band because Rock ‘n Roll is about singing and playing the truth so that we can all be a little more human, so that we can better understand ourselves through the power of rhythm, melody and verse. WPC believes this art form makes us all feel empowered, inspired, connected and unstoppable. We are a touring band because live music bring people together in real time and in real spaces. Being at a live music event can bring us to tears, make us laugh, unleash the desire to dance and move, but most importantly we tap into our own vulnerability which is at the heart of being human.

 We continue to press on and make this life not only for ourselves but for everyone who is discovering the hindrances and the excuses, the bad habits and negative voices and finds a way through to a joyfulness that only comes through hard work and the ecstasy of play. Perhaps “live fast and die young” was a marketing slogan used to sell records. Here at Unstoppable Rock Headquarters we abide by a different ethos. Keep living, keep making up the life you want to live, because it hasn’t been lived yet. That and don’t be a jerk.


Trained as a jazz drummer and choral vocalist, Chris met Sasha, a self taught punk rocker and singer-songwriter in the spring of 2010 when they were both cast in a Bangor Maine production of the rock ‘n roll musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch. They have been working together ever since to find where disparate influences come together to create melody forward, hard hitting, genre bending rock ‘n roll. When Particles Collide has built a reputation as a must see band one show at a time touring all over the US and Canada. They are currently a full time, independent touring outfit living out of their 2014 Ram Promaster and  rack up over 200 shows per year. Under their own record label, Unstoppable Rock Records they have released eight sets of recordings including three vinyl records (Photoelectric 2014-sold out, Ecotone 2016-currently in the album’s second pressing, and Fade To Gold 2018-Limited edition, hand screened artwork on Side B). Before becoming full time musicians Sasha taught high school chemistry for 18 years and Chris worked in the car business and as a nanny. Sasha and Chris were also married at the theater where they met in June of 2013.

Their songs and live performances are infectious. Sasha and Chris are interested in bending and blending genres and influences to tell stories. Dynamics, rhythmic turn arounds and harmonies are the tools they use to dig deep into a song’s core meaning. They put every ounce of their bodies into their performances and work hard at their crafts both as players and creators of song. Continually humbled by the challenges and rewards of making a life as musicians they are not looking for accolades, but do enjoy a rowdy crowd at a dive bar and an intensely focused audience at an acoustic house concert. And snacks, they love snacks.


Downeast Magazine Best Summer Tour 2017

Featured music and on screen appearance in Rock Band Rivals Dec 2016

Best New Artist Boston Music Awards 2014

Semi Finalist WZLX Rock ‘n Roll Rumble 2014

10 Maine Bands to Listen To Right Now Paste Magazine 2014

“Best Friends” is my current favorite of the six “Fade to Gold” tracks. It’s melodious and ferocious, and the pacing is impeccable. Alcott repeats the words “radio fire” throughout the song, and maybe some stations will take the hint because this tune is radio-ready for sure. (Full disclosure, I’ve been playing it on my local music show, “Music from 207” on WCLZ.)

-Aimsel Ponti, Maine Today, October 18, 2018

On its new EP, “Fade To Gold”, WPC is at the top of its game, harmonizing and thrashing as one….“Bell Jar” arrives to knock us on our asses. Alcott’s riff is spidery lightning, Viner’s drums its thunderous shadow. They mine similar lodes of feedback-drenched alt-rock for the balance of Fade To Gold, each track watermarked with a fiery vocal inflection or unexpected melodic quirk that makes it undeniably theirs. It’s exciting to think about them continuing this perpetual tour, and somehow getting even tighter.

-Joe Sweeney, The Bangor Daily News//The Bollard, September 4, 2018

You're onto something great when you can deliver a straightforward pop nugget that pulls from Motown, heavy metal and equal parts Joan Jett and Nancy Sinatra.....punk rock fury, metal crescendos and delicate melodic turns...groovy, heavy pop, slick, hypnotic new wave (power pop? power wave?).

-Jed Gottlieb The Boston Herald August 2016

WPC’s music is an amalgam of many kinds of rock: punk, metal, grunge, Southern, classic, new wave.  

- Chris  Busby, The Bollard, June 2015

She (Sasha) and drummer Chris Viner make music that’s hard to pin down, a powerful mix of art-rock and pop-punk.

-Josh Jackson, Paste Magazine, September 2014

Clothed in a delicious pop-punk candy shell, but inside lies a rhythmic and melodic core that’s rooted in Alcott and Viner’s dynamic partnership, with elements of jazz and metal creeping in.

-Emily Burnham, Bangor Daily News, June 2014